AMEX Digital's SR-7 / SW-7 digiframes do more than show slideshows, induce naps

We've seen the future of the digiframe, and it's... well, less boring than what we've been forced to deal with previously. AMEX Digital is acting rather proactively by outing two newcomers with lots of extra functionality bundled in. 'Course, it remains to be seen if you're even interested in those extra goodies, but you can appreciate the effort regardless. The SR-7 includes a 7-inch 800 x 480 display and doubles as a radio controlled clock (with dual alarms) and a digital indoor thermometer; as for the SW-7, it includes most of the same features but throws in weather forecasting to boot. There's no price or release date to share on either, but we get the impression AMEX will be willing to let these go pretty cheap.