Rumors abound of a massive layoff at Mythic Entertainment

Joystiq is reporting today that Mythic Entertainment has been hit by another round of layoffs, this one much more substantial than the first. Using information corroborated by sources, they're reporting that anywhere between 60 and 130 people have been let go from the company. Unlike the last round of layoffs, which primarily affected infrastructure positions, these have cut deeply into the design and development departments. Including, it is rumored, cutting into the ranks of the senior designers.

This comes less than a week after the announcement of the Call to Arms expansion to Warhammer Online. The ambitious live event expansion is to introduce two new character classes and an entirely new zone's worth of content to the title, which just launched last year. Both Massively and Joystiq have extended invitations for comment to EA and Mythic, and we hope to have more information on this news soon.

Update: Mark Jacobs, in a post to the Warhammer Herald, attempts to assuage possible player anxiety over today's layoffs. He describes the layoffs as a part of moving from the pre-launch to post-launch footing, alongside layoffs in line with EA's general cost-cutting measures.