German Mac clone company thinks Germany doesn't have laws

We're never going to get tired of the insane legal theories would-be Mac clone companies trot out to try and circumvent incredibly basic copyright and contract law concepts -- like Psystar claiming Apple has a monopoly on its own products -- and today we've got German cloners HyperMeganet, who'll sell you a 3.2GHz Core i7 Blu-ray-equipped PearC tower with Mac OS X preinstalled for €2,408 ($3,111). According to the wonderfully-named Hypermeganet, German law requires EULAs to be available for review before purchase, so Apple can't enforce its license restrictions since the Mac OS X EULA isn't printed on the outside of the box. Leaving aside the fact that the OS X installer displays the EULA on-screen and that you have to click "Agree" before installing, we'd just like to point out that all of Apple's license agreements are available for your leisurely perusal before purchase right here -- including the German OS X license, which we're damn sure Apple's foreign counsel has made sure is valid and applicable in that country. Oops. We'll see how long Hypermeganet can keep itself out of trouble -- seriously, when will these companies learn that all they're doing is hurting the homebrew OS X hacking scene by tempting Apple into locking down their systems even harder?

[Via TUAW]

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