Defining the design process for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Every Friday like clockwork the fine folks at BioWare Austin offer up a new tidbit to sink our teeth into. Last week was kind of a blowout, with the enormous video of Tython and how it was made. If you haven't had a chance to check out the best look we've had to date at Star Wars: The Old Republic, you owe it to yourself to do so. This week's offering was quite a bit more focused, delving into the design process used by the team to create a piece of the gameworld. Dallas Dickinson, Senior Content Designer for the game, walks us through the numerous steps required to get even one planet prepped for play.

Beginning with the all-important research phase, the designers and developers iterate endlessly on the dialogue, writing, area layout, and art of a planet. What's striking is the sheer amount of interdependency and coordination required for something of this scale. Get a sense of that scale by reading through Dickinson's entry and mulling through the enormous amount of content the developers released last week to accompany the Tython video.

Plus! Sean Dahlberg drops in near the end of the comments on the post to let us know something is coming. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a special announcement!