Preview of the revamp to the EverQuest 2 Lavastorm zone

The next big content drop for EverQuest 2 is coming in Game Update 51. As we discussed at the end of last year the developers are doing an 'EverFrost redux' on the Lavastorm zone, and now there's a preview of the new content up on the official EQ2 site. They'll be streamlining and refining the content that's already in place, making it easier to traverse the zone and enjoy the ongoing battle with the Sootfoot Goblins. In addition to this existing content two new dungeons, dozens of new quests, and a brand-new crafting zone for tradeskilling players. One of these dungeons will be an "x2", while the other will be an "x4", varying sizes of raid dungeons.

The high level adventuring content sounds particularly interesting, as the Sootfoots turn from their dark magics to seek help against even greater evils. They'll be available as a faction that can be developed, without a doubt eventually leading to factional benefits and rewards. Full details on the Sootfoots, The Ward of Elements, and The Order of Flame are available on the official EverQuest 2 Players site.