Novarra making web pages easier to view on Verizon Wireless

On far too many handsets, browsing the web is a lesson in futility. Particularly for dumbphone owners, who practically need a gun to their skull before they'll willingly engage in even mildly extensive surfing. We're hearing now, however, that Verizon Wireless is making things a little easier to stomach for its users -- though it's doing so for the bandwidth savings more than anything. Reportedly, the carrier has contracted Novarra in order to help out, and as subscribers request that certain pages be accessed, the aforesaid company "adapts the content (including Flash!) and optimizes it for a smaller screen" before letting it hit the user's handset. It's expected that Verizon will showcase the new approach at Mobile World Congress, and in the future, it could even help struggling smartphones surf more easily.

[Via phonescoop]