Nokia 5800 XpressMusic now for sale at flagship stores

Yep, the North American version of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is now on sale for $399 at the flagship store in NYC, just as we'd heard. (Chicago doesn't seem to have them yet but we're sure that'll change soon.) Sure, you've been able to score a $349 Euro unit for a while now, but for an extra 50 bones the NAM version does US 3G on AT&T, and we know you like that 3G action. Still no word on ship dates for those of you that pre-ordered online, but we'll see what we can find out when we head down to the local to pick this bad boy up.

[Via PhoneScoop]

Update: As of 4:30 Eastern, neither the New York nor Chicago stores are actually giving up the goods yet, though we have reason to believe that the 5800s are physically in the stores. Trying to lead up to some manufactured hype, perhaps?