Acer's Ion-based Hornet nettop leaked in presentation slides?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.26.09

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Acer's Ion-based Hornet nettop leaked in presentation slides?
Despite NVIDIA's claims that we'd have an Ion desktop sometime this Spring, we still haven't really seen it in consumer-bound hardware -- until now, that is. Although unconfirmed, slides have purportedly leaked out of what is said to be the Acer Hornet Ion-based nettop. Aside from the platform and a HDMI output, we don't have any specs for the machine. What we do know is that it's sporting a wireless game controller / air mouse -- in case you didn't pick up on the Wii influence, one of those background photos is a direct rip from NIntendo's ad campaign -- and can apparently hang from the back of LCD TVs. The images also tout its eco-friendly design, small form factor, "silent operation," and a price tag of only a couple hundred dollars. Elaborate Photoshop or impending PC? Something feels fishy here, so while we sit and impatiently wait for some official word, hit up the read link for more pics.

[Via Slash Gear]
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