ASUS' Eee PC 901 with 20GB SSD and 6-cell battery now just $268

An Eee PC costing $550 just 8 months ago is now selling for less than half that price from a trio of major on-line retailers. In an apparent across-the-board price cut, several SSD-based EEE PC 901 models have been slashed with your choice of Linux or XP. Most notable is the 8.9-inch netbook configured with a 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, 1GB memory, 20GB SSD, Linux, and 6-cell battery. Careful though: the European CeBIT show (an ASUS favorite event) is just days away and with it should come a few new Eee PC models running the latest Intel processors and chipsets. Consider yourselves warned. Hit the read link for the details.