Panasonic's CES 2009 Viera HDTVs get US pricing and dates

Panasonic announced a slew of Viera TVs at CES, and although we already knew when they'd be making their Japanese debut, US info has been hard to come by. That's starting to change: pricing details are leaking out, and CNET and HDGuru have managed to assemble a pretty exhaustive list of what to expect and how much it'll cost. Of interest, Panny's still going strong on the plasma tip, so those of you aching for the best picture possible but unwilling to shell out for the dead-ended Kuro will still have plenty of options -- there's a set at every point between the 42-inch 720p X1 at $899, the 50-inch 1080p S1 with a nicer NEO-PDP panel for $1,799, the 50-inch THX-certified G10 with VieraCast for $1,999 and the as-yet-unpriced, one-inch thick wireless 54-inch Z1. As for LCDs, it's a similar story at smaller sizes: you've got sets ranging from the budget $499 720p 32-inch C12 to the $1,099 120Hz 1080p 37-inch G1 with Motion Focus and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. Check all the info at the read links; we'll be scouring the wire praying for news that Panny's bought up the Kuro tech from Pioneer.

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