IOGEAR Wireless USB Audio / Video Kit, more wireless USB eyes-on at CeBIT

While wireless USB hasn't exactly, um, taken off, there's definitely still some promise here. We swung by the USB-IF's booth today at CeBIT in order to have a look at a new single-chip Fujitsu Siemens' solution along with IOGEAR's recently released Wireless USB Audio / Video Kit. The former is mostly a European version of the Wisair Wireless USB Display Adapter Set, and while the latter seemed to work perfectly fine in the demo, the resolution was decidedly not 1080p. Nowhere close, actually. We reckon this stuff will get some real traction if and when two things happen: 1) the industry embraces it and begins embedding it into products (no one likes dongles, sorry!), and 2) when prices fall to reasonable levels. Can we get somebody on that, or what?