Kogan's Bluetooth GPS watch is not for the fashion forward

If we have one word of advice for folks looking to get into the tech game (that is, besides "why bother?") it would probably be "set the bar low." Don't try to change the world with an unlocked 3G Android handset until you've mastered the basics, like maybe a netbook or, better yet, a watch. Of course, it would be a bit much to expect a true visionary to stop short of a humble timepiece. To this end, Kogan's rebranding that old Mainnav chronometer, the one that packs Bluetooth, a GPS receiver, a temperature sensor, speedometer, pedometer, altimeter, and Google Earth functionality into a package that most of us would probably rather not be seen wearing in public. Available for AUS $129 (about US $85).

[Via SlashGear]