Godfather II release day patch adds new multiplayer mode

EA hasn't been just kicking back, watching The Godfather II hype build ( ... it's building, right?). The Redwood Shores studio has been tinkering with the final game during the strategic delay, and EA has announced today that a new multiplayer mode will be added -- free -- in addition to the four preexisting modes. "Don Control" will be patched into the game on release day, April 7, and features a 16-player scenario where money from the single-player game is wagered for, well, ultimate Don-ination! (Geddit?)

Confirmation of the Godfather freebie comes just days after Capcom was forced to defend its $5 multiplayer patch for Resident Evil 5 after it became clear that the modes were being prepped before the game's release. Was EA's decision to offer Don Control for free (and not save it for post-release premium DLC) influenced by Capcom's faux pas -- perhaps even a subtle swipe at its industry competitor? We like to think EA is tossing in the new mode out of the kindness of its heart (its very strategic, consumer value-bearing heart). Then again, this is the same company charging $10 for XBLA Connect Four and Yahtzee -- a piece.