Marmitek intros Connect410 and Connect411 HDMI switches

Can't say we've ever had the pleasure of handling a Marmitek device ourselves, but for those scouting a new HDMI switch, said company has a new duo it'd like for you to look at. The Connect410 is a higher-end HDMI switch that can handle four HDMI devices and pipe 'em one at a time to a single HDMI output. It also includes a built-in repeater and equalizer for correcting any signal loss, and the bundled remote ensures that you'll never have to leave the sofa to switch inputs. The Connect411 does everything the aforementioned 410 does, but it adds in a digital audio output for good measure. Each one can be procured right now across the pond for €89.95 ($121) / €149.95 ($201), respectively.