Gefen's 8x4 CAT-5 HDMI Matrix is probably overkill for you

Be warned -- unless you seriously need eight HDMI sources hooked up to a single matrix switch in order to activate four at a time on an array of panels, you should probably skip right over this one. If we just rung your bell, however, read on. Gefen's latest HDMI distribution box is definitely catering to the high-end / commercial market by being entirely rack-mountable and supporting up to eight HDMI inputs and four outputs. High-def signals can be transmitted over CAT5 cabling, and there's even an RS-232 port for additional control capabilities. As for distances, you can expect 1080i material to travel up to 300 feet without degradation, while 1080p content will flow 150 feet. The only problem? The $4,499 price tag. Full release is after the break.

CHATSWORTH, CA – Gefen's new 8x4 CAT-5 HDMI Matrix performs both matrix switching and signal extension, offering a convenient method of system integration.

Installers seeking an easy, plug and play method of accessing multiple hi-def sources from a few extended displays will find it particularly helpful.

It links any eight high definition video and audio sources using the HDMI format to any four HDTVs or projectors. Users can access one of eight sources on each display, so four hi-def sources can be viewed on four displays at the same time. Users select which source they'd like to view by using the IR remote or RS-232 connection.

With four local HDMI outputs and CAT-5 connections, this Gefen Matrix allows all four displays to be connected either locally using standard HDMI cables, or remotely up to 150-feet (50m) away using two CAT-5 cables. At this distance, hi-def resolutions are supported at 1080p full HD. Resolutions to 1080i can extend over CAT-5 cables up to 300-feet (100m).

This versatile matrix supports HDCP-compliance making it perfect for integrating Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and gaming systems with today's hi-def displays. The system provides HDMI cables for source connections, a power supply to drive performance, rack ears for easy mounting and IR remote.