Nerd jewelry roundup: Guitar Hero cufflinks, gilded Atari ring and EQ wedding bands

Not that we haven't seen nerdy wedding bands before, but for those who aren't really enamored with networking, we've stumbled upon another option that's just too awesome to pass up. Granted, the sound wave bands have been around a finger or two, but really, how awesome is a wedding ring with an EQ interpretation of "I Do" engraved in it? We'll tell you -- really awesome. Moving on, we've got the 1981 Atari ring, a solid piece of kit sporting an original Atari chip splashed with gold or silver. Lastly, we've got's latest, a set of Guitar Hero links that will undoubtedly make the faux rocker in your life grin from ear to ear. Dig in below for more details, but don't expect to purchase any of 'em but the last, and at $50 per pair, you should probably think twice.

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