EA Redwood Shores becomes Visceral Games, gets moody logo

EA Redwood Shores (aka EARS), an internal development studio within EA, was suffering a bit of an identity crisis. Known for making some of EA's best and brightest stuff -- including last year's Dead Space and the upcoming Dante's Inferno -- the studio just didn't feel right with such a ... less than descriptive name. That changed today, as its parent company EA announced a rebranding of the studio, now dubbed Visceral Games.

And while the studio is still working on the aforementioned Dante's Inferno as well as the now Wii-ified spin-off of Dead Space, titled Dead Space: Extraction, it's also apparently working on "two other unannounced titles." Little did we know! The studio claims to be identifiable as one with a "focus on creating intense action-oriented intellectual properties," a claim that needs little substantiation considering its back catalog. Now, can we hear a little bit more about those two unannounced titles please?