Logitech Harmony Adapter for Playstation 3 -- official, real, and in our hands

Yeah, sure, we knew the Harmony IR-to-Bluetooth remote adapter was coming down the pike, but even with FCC filings and official confirmation of the device from Harmony, the PS3 owners among us are breathing a small sigh of relief now that we've got our hands on a unit that prove it will make it to market. We have a love/hate relationship with the PS3's Bluetooth remote control -- the range and total non-directionality of it are great, but having a separate remote control just for the PS3 is a real stick in the eye of our couch potato lifestyles. There are a few choices for solving the PS3 remote control conundrum, but on first blush this unit has three things going for it: support from a big name like Logitech (of course including codes in the Harmony database), it does not eat up one of your PS3's USB ports, and it handles switching the PS3 on and off (not unique, but some other solutions don't). We'll give the IR-to-Bluetooth converter a full rundown in due course, but follow us past the break for our initial impressions, an official fact sheet and a link to a Q&A section on the Logitech blog.

First off, if you want to control your PS3 with anything but a Harmony remote, then you'll need to explore other options (at least for now); the Harmony adapter only works with, you guessed it, Harmony remotes. If you're still onboard, then you'll need to breeze through a setup that includes pairing the adapter with the PS3 and then adding a PlayStation 3 device to your setup using the Logitech Harmony Remote app. One small hassle -- if you already have a PS3 in your device list, you must remove and then re-add it to get the IR codes that the adapter will be listening for. If you've ever set up a Harmony remote before, the whole procedure should be a walk in the park; we had a "Watch Blu-ray" activity set up in about 10 minutes.

In use
We've only performed a basic setup of the Harmony adapter so far, and if our past experience is any indication, we'll need to do a little fine tuning to get everything really dialed in "just so." But we can say this -- the Harmony adapter delivers on its promise of getting our IR Harmony remote and our Bluetooth PS3 on speaking terms, and that's a good thing. We ran through a quick test that included:

  • Powering up the PS3 (also the display and receiver) from standby using the "Watch Blu-ray" activity

  • Navigating the XMB interface

  • Starting a Blu-ray movie

  • Navigating the Blu-ray menus

  • Playhead control of the PS3 (pause, stop, fast forward, reverse, previous, next, etc.)

  • Ejecting the Blu-ray disc

  • Putting our system back into standby mode by turning off the "Watch Blu-ray" activity

It's too early for us to give our final impressions of the Harmony adapter, but we'll have more to report after we wring it out for a few days. Until then, feel free to peruse the press release and our photos below. If you've still got questions, leave them in the comments or follow the read link to a Q&A section on the Logitech blog.

Announcement Date: May 12, 2009
Shipping: May 2009
Price: $59.99
Available at:

Product Overview
Many people use the PS3 to play DVDs and Blu-Ray Disc™ movies, and are looking for a universal remote that can control their PS3. The Logitech Harmony Adapter for PLAYSTATION3 takes an infrared (IR) signal from your Harmony remote, and transmits a Bluetooth™ wireless signal to command the PS3 – so you can use a single remote to control your entire setup.

Key Features

  • Works with all Logitech Harmony remotes to control the PS3 just as it would any other AV component (cable box, TV, DVR, etc.). It is not designed for use with other remote controls.

  • Supports all 51 PLAYSTATION3 commands so you can control the XrossMediaBar (XMB), DVD and Blu-Ray Disc movies, and all other console functions, including power on and off. Also includes a power-off macro that allows you to turn off the PS3, along with your entire entertainment system, with the press of a single button.

  • Wireless link does not use PLAYSTATION3 USB ports, so they remain available for other controllers.

  • Guided online setup walks you through the process of configuring the Harmony remote for your PLAYSTATION3.

  • Always-on AC power means the adapter is always ready for input.

System Requirements

  • Logitech Harmony remote


  • Windows® and Mac® compatible

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 99.4 x 65.6 x 18.5 millimeters

  • Weight: 49.5 grams


  • 1-year limited warranty