HTC Magic supports Exchange, Google says Android doesn't

A lack of Exchange ActiveSync support has largely relegated Android to the enterprise sidelines since its commercial launch last year in the G1, and while third-party apps have attempted to come to the rescue, there's nothing quite like a little first-party love to instill confidence in the world's IT managers. Strangely, CNET Asia noticed that its Magic seems to support Exchange -- indeed, it's listed right there in the mail setup and the reviewer reports that it works like a champ -- but a check with Google would have you believing otherwise. CNET's US bureau dropped Google a line to get the straight dope on the current Exchange situation and was greeted with an unhelpful response of "Android does not currently include support for Microsoft Exchange," going on to say that third-party devs are filling in the gap. Yo, Google, Magics in the field would have us believing otherwise, so do you want to clarify what's up here?

[Via CNET]