BlackBerry Storm 9530 firmware build leaked -- possibly Verizon's next release?

So there's a new build of the 9530's firmware floating around; this is pretty much a weekly occurrence and not necessarily anything to get terribly excited about (though we're sure the more enterprising Storm owners out there are going to want to upgrade). Here's the thing, though: we've recently been told by a very well-connected source that Verizon rejected 141 because of one issue alone, and was already testing a replacement for it that was "still in the 140 range." That would mean that it'd have to be somewhere between 142 and 149 -- and yes, fellow mathematicians, 148 meets that requirement. Given the countless delays and the fact that Verizon has already rejected at least two firmwares, we wouldn't count on this happening any time soon -- if at all -- but it's a nice, hope-filled target to shoot for.