HTC passes CDMA / GSM hybrid Touch Pro2 through the FCC

Remember that Touch Pro2 we saw in Sprint livery yesterday? A leaked roadmap indicated that this would be a global roaming device packing both CDMA and GSM radios -- and Telus' inventory system certainly corroborates the existence of such a device. Further proof now comes to us in the form of an FCC filing for yet another variant of the Rhodium (HTC's codename for the Touch Pro2), and while only CDMA is being tested here, there's also some assurance from HTC that the FCC needn't worry about the locked-down GSM radio lying dormant in there. In other words, it'll only be used outside US borders -- places the FCC doesn't give two flips about. Even better, there are actually two versions being referred to here -- the RHOD400 and RHOD500 -- which could very well represent separate bodies for Sprint and Verizon. As if you needed another reason to upgrade from the original Touch Pro, Sprint folks... well, here you go.