Digital TV transition: 12 hours in, how are things going?

The day is finally here, after the pushback and staggered changeover, analog television broadcasts across the country are giving way to a future of digital TV and making room for new services to take over the airwaves soon. Still, after months of announcements, coupons sent and many dollars spent there are still millions who will be caught unawares as their television blinks off today. It's been an incredibly long time coming, so take a look back at some of our coverage of the run up to the digital TV switch, and why not drop us a line to let us know of any interesting local coverage in your area or experiences (procrastination-fueled runs on converter boxes, transition gaffes, mob violence) going on. A roundup of FCC links and national press coverage is after the break.

Engadget's lead-up coverage

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FCC Info:

Station list with transition dates plus pre & post cutover channel numbers
DTV Reception Maps
What You Need to Know

National DTV transition coverage (send new ones to tips or leave in comments):

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