Motorola's Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset packs 'true' bone conduction technology, modicum of style

Motorola isn't shying away from a fight here with its Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset -- and if there's anything the Bluetooth headset industry needs, it's some manner of controversy. The company is calling its new HX1 the "only Bluetooth headset to use true bone conduction technology," with a user activated "Stealth Mode" that switches the set from regular mic to an in-ear sensor which picks vibrations right off the bone for talking in particularly noisy environments. Jawbone, on the other hand, picks up vibrations from the outside of the face, but primarily as an "Activity Sensor," though the latest version nabs some audio from those vibrations -- both manufacturers naturally claim a military heritage to their technology. It'll take some actual testing to see who wins out, but it sounds like some good tech from Moto all the same. We do know one thing, however: no amount of in-ear stylings can ever ease your transition into general society. No word on price of a US release date for the HX1, it hits Asia in July.