Sonic turns 18 tomorrow, Sega giving you all his presents

It's Sonic's birthday tomorrow. He's turning 18 and leaving the awkwardness of puberty behind to become an adult hedgehog. To celebrate this special time in every blue speed-demon's life, Sega is going to hold a bash and give away many Sonic-related gifts to all of his fans. On Tuesday, June 23 (that's tomorrow), keep your eyes glued to both @sonicgames on Twitter and Sonic on Facebook for a chance to win any one of the 15 prize packs up for grabs (see after the break for deets).

All prizes are available to win worldwide -- there's no silly regional restrictions it would seem (except for Quebec because you're too good for foreign goods*). The Sega Blognik has the full rules on how (and when) to enter the contests, so make sure you hit that up.

*Not an actual restriction


  • NiGHTS Cameo Pack - NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams Soundtrack Sampler & SEGA Circular Keyring

  • Summer Of Sonic T-Shirt (L) - from the 2008 Sonic Convention.

  • Sonic 3 360 Marketplace Redemption Code

  • Sonic Chronicles Pack: Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog Comic - #191 and Sonic Chronicles DS Tin(UK version)

  • Sonic Christmas Chaos Pack - Sonic Chocolate Advent Calendar and SEGA Circular Keyring

  • Sonic X Kids Pack - Cream Mini-Plush Toy, MatchBox Convoy Rig and Sonic X Kid's Toothbrush

  • Mario & Sonic Prize Pack 1 - M&S Summer A3 Poster and Enamel Pin Badge

  • Sonic Riders: Zero GravityPack - SR:ZG T-shirt (L) and Sticker Set

  • The Old & The New Pack - Sonic Unleashed (PS2) & SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (360) (Europe/PAL only)


  • Sega Stationary Pack- Sega Writing Block, Post-It Block & Sega Circular Keyring

  • Sonic 06 Pack - Sonic 06 Mug & Sonic Kids T-Shirt (M)

  • Super PS3 Unleashed DLC Pack - Redeemable PS3 DLC Codes for Apotos, Holoska, Chun-Nan & Spagonia

  • Sonic Rush Adventure Pack - Sonic Rush Adventure, Skull & Crossbones T-Shirt (M) and Compass Keyring

  • Mario & Sonic Prize Pack 2 - M&S Summer A3 Poster, Enamel Pin Badge & Red M&S Tracksuit (S)

  • Sonic & The Secret Rings Pack - SatSR T-Shirt Signed by Sonic Team members and SatSR Soundtrack Sampler