Sony: Downloadable PSP titles will average around 700MB

As PlayStation Portable morphs into the all-digital PSP Go system, many consumers might be wondering just how much space they will need to set aside for each future downloadable title. Sony representative Al de Leon spoke to Joystiq recently at an event in NYC about the storage issue, saying most titles will average around "600-800MB in size." This means, de Leon further added, that the PSP Go's 16GB capacity -- without any additional memory unit -- could hold up to an "average of 17-18 games." Considering the Go can handle an extra 16GB of M2 storage, the number of games could easily be doubled.

Although 700MB is the point we should be expecting most games to gravitate towards, there will still be other titles that will be far below this mark or even way above it. Smaller scale titles like Patapon 2 (which is less than 400MB) for example, could take as little as half the average footprint. Others, like the recently released PSOne classic Final Fantasy VII (takes up 1.3GB), could be nearly double this number.