Games accounted for one fourth of HMV's sales last year

British-based retailer HMV is happy to report it has made over £1.95 billion ($3.21 billion) in sales last year (ending April 25, 2009), making an easy profit of £63 million ($103 million). HMV saw profits rise 4.4%, up from £56.6 million ($93.1 million) in the previous year. Gaming, notes, played a big part in boosting the retailer's overall figures, thanks to the introduction of used games sales -- which is a tactic that has become quite popular as of late.

24% of all HMV's sales in the UK & Ireland were accounted to video games. This number is an increase of 4% over the previous year and also raises HMV's market share for gaming by 0.4%. HMV International also saw 12% of its total sales go to gaming and related technologies.

Overall, it seems HMV is pleased with how its new strategy with gaming is panning out. If this keeps up, the HMV logo change we've discussed before just might happen for real.