Rogers rolls out 50Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 service, 802.11n router

Well, it looks like Canadians no longer need to be envious of some of the speedy internet options available south of the border, as Rogers has just announced the roll-out of its own DOCSIS 3.0-based service that matches the likes of Comcast's offering. As you might expect, however, coverage is limited to the Greater Toronto Area to begin with, although Rogers is promising that it'll be rolled out to some other, yet to be specified areas in the "coming months." What's more, Rogers is also introducing a new 802.11n router alongside the service, and it's even giving one away to the first fifty customers that sign up for the Ultimate service (priced at $150 per month). After those are gone (and some do indeed still seem to be available), the router will sell for $200.

[Via Electronista]