Eternaleds debuts world's first liquid-cooled LED light bulb

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.15.09

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Eternaleds debuts world's first liquid-cooled LED light bulb
We know you probably wouldn't answer "What's the perfect companion to a liquid-cooled PC?" with "a liquid-cooled light bulb," but amazingly enough, that's a viable answer starting today. Eternaleds is stepping up big with planet's first liquid-cooled LED bulb, the HydraLux-4, which will arrive in warm white and daylight white and should save you bundles on your energy bill over the next score. The company asserts that these bulbs produce "360 degree lighting" and can emit the same amount of illumination as a 25W incandescent with just 4W of energy. Each bulb is rated for 35,000 hours of use, and considering that a single one costs only $1.75 per year to run (at eight hours per day), we suppose the stiff $34.99 sticker is somewhat warranted.
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