Shadow Complex script penned by comic book scribe Peter David

Epic Games and Microsoft Game Studios are ramping up for the impending release of Chair Entertainment's Shadow Complex on XBLA, today revealing that the game's script was written by Eisner Award winning author Peter David. David has worked on various comic book titles for numerous imprints, but is probably best known for his run on The Incredible Hulk. He currently writes She-Hulk and X-Factor for Marvel.

The script for Shadow Complex is adapted from work by sci-fi author and visionary Orson Scott Card, whose 2006 novel, Empire, is based on the game's universe and an original concept by game designer Donald Mustard. David has written a story that parallels the events of the novel, which itself focuses on a future American civil war. We recently saw the game in action and wrote up our impressions.

David, Mustard and Epic's Cliff Bleszinski will be on-hand at next week's San Diego Comic-Con to promote the game, which hits the Xbox Live Marketplace on August 19.