BlackBerry Storm 2 demoed on video, SurePress "click" and all

Either the gang at Crackberry have a very good special effects department (which we doubt), or we're looking at the first footage of a working BlackBerry 9550, a.k.a. Storm 2. As noted in the video, the hardware and software is "very early stage," but that said, there's something mighty interesting going on here with the SurePress click. Turned off, the screen has no give whatsoever, but when the phone's powered up, the mysterious click returns. We talked with CB, who confirms that the whole display does in fact move in and out just a bit, although much less than its predecessor, and that sound you hear is a physical click -- guess SurePress really is here to stay, after all. The takeaway here is that it's definitely a step in the right direction and perhaps what RIM should've released from the get-go. More impressions via the read link, and check out the video for yourself after the break.