Dante's Inferno 'King Minos' bossfight looks more familiar than ever

We've seen a decent amount of Dante's Inferno gameplay over the last nine months we've known of the game's existence -- and heard a lot of comparisons to God of War in the process -- but we didn't realize how spot on that was until we saw the video of Dante battling King Minos (found after the break). Judging souls in the second circle of Hell can be a tough job (don't we know it!), so Dante has apparently stopped by to relieve Minos of his duties. Rather than thanking him though, the grumpy old curmudgeon attacks Dante and all hell breaks loose! (Get it! 'Cause they're in Hell!)

All joking aside, the game looks to be more than competently cloning that other game where you spend time in The Netherworld, albeit with a multiplatform release. Now when's this thing coming out, EA? Hmmm?