Super Talent's Pico USB drive: still world's smallest, now 32GB

While USB flash drives are now available in sizes that likely dwarf your own HDD, Super Talent's Pico line isn't looking to compete on sheer capaciousness. What it lacks in capacity, so to speak, it makes up for in size -- or, the lack thereof, we should say. The outfit's "world's smallest*" drive just jumped from 8GB to 32GB, and considering that there's at least a marginal chance that this thing slips out of your palm / pocket / etc. and into a puddle, Super Talent even threw in a dash of water resistance. A half dozen models are expected to ship this week, with prices ranging from $85 to $99. Too bad you won't even be able to find it between the couch cushions after it arrives.

*Image probably isn't to scale, but it might be.