M&Soft launches 7-inch Mappy AP1 PND in South Korea

M&Soft's Mappy navigation software seems well established in Korea, and now the company has decided to offer its own hardware for it in the shape of a 7-inch SiRF-based touchscreen device. Of course, it wouldn't be a South Korean PND if it didn't include a DMB digital TV tuner, video and audio playback, and a photo / text viewer, but the company's gone one better by offering the elaborate, gimmicky GUI you see above. Pricing is pretty decent too, set at 349,000 KRW ($283) with a 4GB SDHC card, or 399,000 KRW ($323) for an 8GB unit. The AP in the model name stands for "Absolute Pride" -- sure, make your jokes, but maybe it's that wise-guy sense of humor keeping this sort of tech away from Western shores.

[Via Slashgear]