Nyko's 'Wand' controller easier to look at in different colors

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Nyko's 'Wand' controller easier to look at in different colors
Despite the interesting "Trans-Port" technology and the lower price, we'd have to say that the defining characteristic of the Nyko Wand is its ugliness. The four new colors for the device, in our opinion, help ameliorate that ugly factor. It could be because the red and blue buttons are gone in favor of a more monochrome look, or it could be because it's slightly harder to compare these to the stock Wiimote. These four color options will be available in North America and Europe this holiday season. They have already launched in Japan, along with many other colors.

Nyko also announced the Charge Base IC, an induction charging dock that uses magnets to hold controllers in place, and also features a USB port for charging other items.


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