Nokia N900 puts on makeup, does hair for leaked press shot

Normally, we'd take a look at something like this and say, "yeah, could be real, could be fake." Goodness knows there are enough mega-talented graphic designers in the world with the free time to craft this. Here's the thing, though: this phone / MID hybrid -- the latest in Nokia's Internet Tablet series -- has already been outed enough times so that we know this has to be a genuine press shot. If we had to guess, Espoo fashioned it in preparation for its Nokia World event in Germany early next month where the N900 will presumably be announced into officialdom; there's no sign on when or how the T-Mobile USA version will be unveiled, but we're getting pretty amped for it.

Update:Here's another N900 press shot, courtesy again of BeGeek, after the break.

[Thanks, Allen!]