BlackBerry Storm, Storm 2 face off on video, result predictable

Every indication we've got is that the Storm 2 is going to foam at the mouth, tear apart the original Storm limb-by-limb, and eat its young when it's released later this year -- and if you want some preliminary evidence of that, look no further than a newly-posted video detailing a few reasons why the new model's so much better. In the event you'd like to spare yourself four minutes of rimshot-worthy bad jokes, allow us to boil down the video to its bare essentials: the star of the show says the Storm 2 looks better than the original (we're hard pressed to disagree), it's got WiFi, you've got considerably more free RAM and Flash on board, the revamped SurePress mechanism makes typing easier, the interface is snappier, and shutter lag in the camera is way improved. At the end of the day, it's still a Storm in every sense of the word, it's just been tweaked and refined in seemingly all the right ways -- which just happens to be a common theme these days. Follow the break for video.

[Via PhoneArena]