Eyes-on Panasonic's Full HD 3D plasma and Blu-ray combo

We just got a real eyeful of 3D, courtesy of Panasonic's upcoming 1080p plasma and Blu-ray 3D setup. The system uses synced shutters, and was easily some of the best "consumer" 3D we've seen -- almost on par with a theater experience, other than the fact that the screen was a whole lot smaller, at 103-inches. Unfortunately, while Panasonic is heavily touting 3D at IFA this year, just as Sony did at its own presser, there isn't much hard news to show for it. The plasma and Blu-ray combo was actually announced a full year ago, and the only word we have on release at the moment is "next year." Obviously, readily available 3D content plays a big part in this, and we get the impression that Avatar is syncing up nicely to be available on some sort of 3D home video format by the time it's ready for a disc release -- we've certainly seen enough teaser clips and trailers of it by now, anyway. To be honest, the 3D setup was seamless enough in our demo room that sometimes it hardly felt 3D. Avatar was especially "shallow" on the 3D scale (no pictures were allowed of the presentation, not that they would help), and we've yet to see anything mindblowing on that end. If anything, Panasonic's presentation was more an opportunity to be "blown away" by the company's awesome PowerPoint skills, if anything, so feel free to follow along in the gallery below.