Philips gets stylish with BDP9500 and BDP7500 Blu-ray players

Philips has definitely shifted most of its consumer electronics efforts into continents not named North America, but given that IFA's taking place in Berlin, it makes sense to see so much new kit flowing from the company. The latest wares to make their debut on the show floor is the BDP9500 and BDP7500 Blu-ray players, both of which handle 7.1 audio with poise and offer up 1080p video playback for those with BD libraries. The flagship 9500 also includes a Qdeo video processor and a sleek aluminum shell, not to mention Burr-Brown analog-to-digital converters and DVD upscaling for those other movies. There's no mention of pricing and availability just yet, but with the holiday shopping season just around the bend, we'd guess the folks at Philips are working hard to get these out on the double [Warning: PDF read link]