Kwikset finally adds remote locking functionality to door locks

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.12.09

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Kwikset finally adds remote locking functionality to door locks
Kwikset's SmartKey line of wares have been lacking in intelligence for quite awhile, but at long last, the outfit has finally added a pivotal feature here at CEDIA: true remote locking and unlocking. The new remote access control solution is being dubbed SmartCode with Home Connect -- an unnecessarily lengthy way of explaining how the company's keyless locks can now communicate wirelessly with other devices. Users can also check-in on door lock status when they aren't automatically arming / disarming, and you can initiate customized scenes upon entrance and exit in order to more accurately pretend that you're Prince. There's no mention of pricing, but given that you'll need to hit up a Control4 retailer to get your hands on this puissant technology, we'd recommend bringing the bank.

Update: The MSRP is set at $349.
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