Video: WODE module allows disc-free, wide-open, heavy metal Wii gaming

What you see above is not a Tibetan sky burial for a dearly departed console, nor an attempt at extremely modern art. It's a Wii that has been... augmented with a Linux-running module called the Wii Optical Disc Emulator, or WODE. It clips onto the system board where the machine's optical drive should go and allows it to read Wii and GameCube ISOs directly from USB storage devices. It sports a small LCD and four-way joystick for setting options and scrolling through your assuredly legally acquired game images, while a future iteration is said to allow for direct-to-device torrent downloads -- a feature that we won't even bother to say could be used for anything other than piracy. There's no mention of availability or price for the thing, but we're guessing it won't be showing up in retail storefronts. Oh, and while the Sisters of Mercy track accompanying the video after the break is totally awesome, it is rather unsafe for work. So, put on those headphones before clicking through.

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