Sleek Audio's SA1 earbuds bring Kleer wireless, custom tuning for $80

Sleek Audio earbuds have always had a certain allure, but for most, the sticker shock alone was enough to turn 'em away. Now, however, the boutique audio shop has punched out its very first set that's tailor made for the budget-minded, and at $79.99, the SA1 offers an awful lot of value (on paper, anyway). Much like the pricier SA6 and CT6 models, the SA1 also ships with Kleer wireless technology, enabling it to go from wired to wireless and back again. It also boasts a modified VQ Tuning system that allows the user to acoustically alter the sound signature of their music, a siam rosewood body, detachable cable and single / dual-flange ear tips. The real kicker? The $79.99 price point, which is darn near unheard of for something with these kind of specs. It's up for pre-order right now in the read link, with initial shipments expected to head out in November.