Sleek Audio's SA6 earbuds with adjustable acoustics

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.07.07

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Sleek Audio's SA6 earbuds with adjustable acoustics
Possibly setting the record for most interchangeable pieces in a set of earbuds, the SA6 from Sleek Audio packs a number of features unique in the high-end headphone market. Using "treble tips" and "bass ports" that can be swapped out, Sleek claims that the single-driver SA6 rivals the performance of two- and three- driver models from competing manufacturers by offering frequency response that can be tuned to the listener's preference. Also unique is the set's cord, which disconnects right at the bud -- allegedly for a potential upgrade to A2DP down the road. Look for the SA6 in March for $250 ($230 on preorder).
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