Roku HD-XR now 50 percent off... for the first 500 to take the plunge (update: sold out!)

Roku's HD-XR doesn't add much to the overall Roku HD equation, but if you've been holding out -- just waiting, patiently -- for the perfect time to snag yourself yet another movie set-top-box, today's the day. Actually, right now is the moment. Roku is offering its newest STB for an unheard-of 50 percent off, but it's only for the first 500 customers who pony up and purchase it through the outfit's website. For this very moment in time (starting at 11AM ET and continuing until 500 HD-XR units are claimed), the box will be priced at just $64.99, and as if that weren't good enough, Roku is also covering the shipping. Need the specifics? Click on past the break.

Update: Well, that was fun while it lasted. All 500 have been claimed, and if you don't believe us, have a gander at the proof after the break.

The Roku HD-XR Player, which was just launched last month, incorporates extended-range Wireless N performance, so you can stream HD movies virtually anywhere in your home, in addition to delivering great movies and TV shows from Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand and live baseball from What's more, with our just launched Roku Channel Store, we've delivered an additional 10 content partners with more to come!

The Roku HD-XR Player retails for $129.99, but will be available for just $64.99 (plus FREE SHIPPING) on our Black Friday website when it opens on Friday morning. Details on how the offer will work are below:

1. Go to starting at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time (8:00AM Pacific Standard Time) Friday morning.
2. Follow the instructions and enter the code "hdxrsteal" at checkout. The code can be applied to one Roku HD-XR Player.