DIY arduino Christmas lights spectacular turns bad taste into... art

We'll freely admit to having a love / hate relationship with Christmas lights and decorations. The sheer gaudiness of it all often turns our "bah humbug" nature inside out, revealing the awe struck "inner child" we hear so much about from people like Martha Stewart and Oprah. Regardless, an artful DIYer's taken the outdoor Christmas lighting game to the next level. Making use of an ioBridge IO-204 module, an Arduino Wave Kit, an Arduino Duemilanove board, solid state relays, and the Oracle Application Express for connectivity, he was able to get his internet controlled light and music show on the road. Check out the final results -- which feature 3,300 mini lights, 3 spotlights, an LED Rope, 4 LEDs, and one magical reindeer -- in the video after the break. Hit the source link for full instructions if you want to get in on the holiday action yourself.