Found Footage: Here, File File! lets you access your Mac's files

When using your iPhone to access your files, you really have two options. First, some apps let you copy files to your phone for later viewing. In the second option, a service such as Dropbox or MobileMe allow you to access a subset of your files. However, none of these options cure I-completely-forgot-to-grab-the-sales-presentation-before-leaving-itis.

Here, File File! wants to make it incredibly easy for you to access any file from anywhere. By using a small application running on your Mac, HFF is able to do just that. The app provides user authentication and SSL encryption, as well as content-on-demand to prevent any eavesdropping on your file-access activities.

While the app isn't available yet, you can get a good idea of how it will work in the video above. In the video you can see how HFF will allow you to view all of your folders and connected volumes, as well as the files within them. This even includes the ability to stream movies and music. Furthermore, you can attach a file to an email and send it to someone else, or for particularly large files you can send a unique, randomly-generated download link via email.

According to the developers of Here, File File!, the app will be available in January for your downloading pleasure. Until then you can peep the video or sign up to be notified when HFF is released.