NorhTec Gecko Surfboard is neither gecko nor surfboard (it's a keyboard PC)

It's still a bit early to call it a full-on trend, but it looks like there will be at least a few keyboard PCs on hand at CES next month, including this newly announced Gecko Surfboard form NorhTec. While it doesn't pack a built-in screen like ASUS' Eee Keyboard, it does have a considerably lower $99 price tag, which certainly makes it quite a bit more attractive as a second (or third) PC. Of course, that price also means quite a few more trade-offs, but the 1GHz Xcore86 processor and 512MB of RAM will at least let you get the basics done, and NorhTec boasts that the PC consumes just 5W of power. No word on storage just yet, but the Surfboard will boot from either an SD card or a 2.5-inch hard drive, and it even includes a composite video out to let you hook it up to your TV for a proper 1982 experience (don't worry, it has a VGA port too). You'll also be able to get it loaded with Windows XP, but that will cost you an extra $50 over the $99 Linux version. Head on past the break for a video.