Microsoft and Kia formalize partnership, Uvo is born

It's been known for some time that Microsoft's automotive passions couldn't be sated exclusively by Ford, at least not for long. Sync has been giving the blue oval some serious tech cred for years now, and while we're still eagerly awaiting the SHO to get its own app store, we've also been wondering what other, fresher companies will do with the tech given the chance. We'll be finding out next week, with Microsoft and Kia launching Uvo (short for "your voice"), the fruits of a partnership that we've known about since 2008. It's another implementation of Microsoft's Windows Embedded Technologies, the guts behind Sync, and so while we expect that'll mean the two systems will be inherently very similar, we're also expecting a fresh new skin and some funky new functionality. How funky? Sadly neither of the two are willing to say just yet, but you'll have all the details as soon as we do -- about this time next week.