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Sony's VAIO P spotted for sale in Hong Kong, price tag spotted too

Tim Stevens

Just last week our hopes for an affordable VAIO P were quickly dashed as Amazon's UK site fixed what was apparently typo, setting the price on Sony's "don't call me a netbook" ultraportable to over $1,000. That's in-line with what we've been expecting for the US release, but still we'd held out some hope for a last-minute price cut. Now, like a twist of the knife, we have photos of the machines for sale in the wild -- with a wild price tag to match. Kip HT took these pictures (one above, one below) at a Hong Kong retailer and passed them along, sending word that the top-spec model was going for the equivalent of $2,188.48. No word on a price for the cheapest model, but it seems we now have confirmation that the Sony tax also applies overseas.

[Thanks, Kip HT]

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