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MWC day two: a new hope

Nilay Patel

If day one of MWC was dominated by Windows Mobile, day two went to Android -- although most of the announcements were vague and Toshiba's Snapdragon-based TG01 did much to impress. Obviously the big announcement was the HTC Magic (née the G2), which'll be coming to Vodafone UK in April, but several other manufacturers committed to building Googlephones as well. What else did we learn?

Yep, those are the bigs -- check out our full MWC 2009 coverage for all everything else that went down. Overall, today seemed to be distinctly more Android-focused, but we're dismayed at the lack of actual devices shown running Google's OS -- mostly we just got a lot of nonspecific promises. We'll see if we can squeeze some dates and specs from people tomorrow, keep it locked!

P.S.- Remember, if you're not loving all the MWC news, there's a special RSS feed just for you. Seriously though -- this stuff is pretty sweet.

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