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Sprint's Palm Treo Pro set to make its debut on March 15th


Well, March 15th looks like launch day for Sprint's Palm Treo Pro, and it's about time, after all, we've seen it rumored, unboxed, reviewed, and now finally you'll get a chance to pick one up. If you hearken back to the glory days of early February, you'll remember -- or we'll help you -- we'd heard rumors of the Palm Pre launching on the 15th, seems the rumor was at least partially right as the Treo Pro is most definitely a Palm. The Price? Apparently it will fill your pocket whilst emptying your wallet for $199 as long as you're willing to sign on the dotted line for a couple years. We'll be back as soon we get more details on the plans and other contract / off contract pricing.

[Via The Official Palm Blog ]

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